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ABOUT  B.L.Khoury

This page was a big step for me. I have never shared my photos with anyone other than my close friends and family. I have always enjoyed taking photos, but for the longest time I used my DSLR as a fancy point and shoot camera. Stuck in auto mode and, for the post part, was happy with the results. It wasn't until a trip to South Carolina in late 2015 that I started to take more of an interest in actually learning photography. Just before that trip I was introduced to HDR and it helped me get beyond some of the issues that were frustrating to me. Since then I have watched countless hours of youtube videos trying to improve my process and take control of my camera. My hope is that as you look back through some of the photos I post, you will be able to continually see progress and improvement. I also hope you enjoy what you see and will share with your friends and family (that is sort of the point).

The name "Because it Looks Kool" was the brainchild of my wife. It is a play on my initials, BLK, and was an appropriate way form me to describe why I take the photos I do. Most artist/photographers, both of which I have never considered myself to be, often have a story behind their inspiration or a message that they are trying to convey. For me, it was simply because I thought it would look cool.

Thank you for visiting my page. I hope you enjoy what you see here!

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