Traverse City State Park, officially Keith J. Charters Traverse City State Park, is a 47-acre state park in Traverse City, Michigan.


The park is located on the southern shoreline of East Grand Traverse Bay, a bay of Lake Michigan, and is used mainly as a campground. US-31/M-72 runs between the park proper and a beach area; there is an overpass by way of which campers can get to the beach. The beach area has a playground, grills and picnic tables. The camping area has around 350 campsites, all with electricity. Other features include a dump and fill station, three bathroom buildings, and a recycling/trash center. To the south the park adjoins the TART Trail, a 10.5-mile bicycle trail that runs through Traverse City.


On July 21, 2011, the Michigan Natural Resources Commission augmented the name of the park with that of Keith J. Charters, a local conservationist, hunter and angler who served on the commission from 1994 to 2010. While signs at the park's entrance have added the new name, it is still usually referred to as "Traverse City State Park."



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